11/30/2015 — Purchased Zink 10c  (cshoem286)
Purchased a Zink 10c off of Apex Speed as part of a 3 way split deal for a customer.

12/12/2015 — Tear Down of Zink 10c  (cshoem286)
All hands on deck, David arrived on Friday night and we started at 7am on Saturday morning.  The car was split ….   (PackageA) Engine, all engine parts, hydraulic lines  /   (PackageB) Gearbox, calipers, wheels, and trailer  /  (Package C) Frame and Suspension components, all body work.  Completed all the work and enjoyed lunch by 1pm!!  Fixed trailer lights and cleaned up the gearbox….David left a happy guy on Sunday with not only a gearbox in great shape, but plenty of spares.  HAPPY to be of Service!!

12/13/2015 — Pick Up of Frame (cshoem286)
Transferred the frame and suspension components to Doug Fischer for a complete future rebuild

What’s Next you ask?  The engine purchased by Royale Racing will be rebuilt and since it is an original Cortina, the plan is to utilize in one of our projects for next year…..  Royale RP2 Restoration so keep your eyes forward and your wheels turning.  SEE YOU AT THE RACES!!

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