Welding Services

specializing in all materials and welding requirements

Royale Racing can provide specialized and customized attention to your welding project in addition to our other services. We offer high-quality stainless steel, cast iron, copper, aluminum and magnesium welding services. Our welding capabilities include TIG, MIG and stick. Whatever the metal, Royale can weld it for you according to your specifications.  Visit the Fabrication & Machining Services section for some photos of standard welding projects and capabilities.  Below is a description and examples of specialized Magnesium Welding projects done on behalf of Royale Racing customers.

Magnesium Welding

Want to ensure a perfect fit and historically accurate part on your Royale race car?  Check out our ‘in stock’ inventory.  Not available, no worries!  Royale Racing has over 50+ jigs in stock to support the numerous makes & models produced during the marque’s history.  Still not having luck, Royale will build the jig needed at ‘no cost’ to you…this is our promise to Royale customers globally.