Christopher Shoemaker

Christopher Shoemaker

Racing all my life in one way or another, but officially on the books vintage racing since 1998 on the east coast!  Purchased Royale Racing in 2008 from Andy Greene – Sports & Vintage Race Cars.  Constantly working to build an online, self sustaining Royale brand and presence globally and maintain the marque as well as all it represents.  Active racer in the Northeast of the United States primarily with the Vintage Racer Group organization.

In 2015 formed a strategic alliance with Clover Leaf Auto (a British Marque specialist) who handles much of the day-to-day operations needed for the ever growing Royale footprint.  In 2018, I created the subsidiary Royale Race Tires.  As we grow, one thing remains, I stand behind the Royale brand 100% and bringing my fellow race enthusiast quality of service both on the track and off.

Now for some reality – my day job is working as an Architect in IT Infrastructure for a Fortune 100 company  …  See you at the Races!!