Fiberglass Services

composite and marque specific body molds

Fiberglass / Composite Work

Royale Racing has formed a strategic relationship  for all your specialized fabrication projects. Not only does Royale have all the jigs specific to the Royale marque standard components, but here are at Royale we can also handle your most complex fabrication needs no matter what the material or size. Contact Us today to help you with your project!

Swirl Pots, Catch Cans, Oil Pans, Radiators [Copper/Aluminum]
Wheel Spacers, Sway Bars, Roll Bars & Hoops, Custom Cages

Once your part is fabricated, don’t forget to let us nickle plate, chrome, powder coating, or paint the part in addition to supplying any/all needed rod ends, bolts, etc… to complete the project and/or repair. Consider us your one-stop source for all things Royale!!

Royale Molds

Want to ensure a perfect fit and historically accurate part on your Royale race car?  Check out our ‘in stock’ inventory.  Not available, no worries!  Royale Racing has over 50+ jigs in stock to support the numerous makes & models produced during the marque’s history.  Still not having luck, Royale will build the jig needed at ‘no cost’ to you…this is our promise to Royale customers globally.

Custom Composites

In addition to our core in-house fabrication, Royale Racing can accommodate any custom fabrication work required for your race car project; including other manufacturer components. Let our experts at Royale help you to repair, design, or re-design car component(s):

  • Swirl Pots
  • Oil Pans & Sumps
  • Wheel Spacers
  • Support Brackets
  • Catch Cans

Contact Us today and let’s work together on your projects!